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I kinda get the idea that CA wanted the chaos invasion to still feel like an invasion even if you in the new world. But honestly just the chaos corruption everywhere was enough. The ritual armies spawning was the worst part of the vortex campaign BUT there it made sense really what else would you be doing besides defending ritual sites, and it wasn too bad.

PANARITIS: Well, it’s hard to say, right? I mean, anything can happen. Nobody knows which way a federal probe will go and whether it will yield anything. But I remember talking to victims even a couple of weeks back, months back about the statute fight and having one say something on Thursday when the story broke about the federal probe, which is, I’m not holding my breath about a statute of limitations change in this state.. high end replica bags

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Under the Electoral College system, each state is assigned points or electoral votes based roughly on population and equal to their number of Congressional representatives and Senators. California has the most points, fifty five. Montana, Wyoming, Vermont, and Alaska have only three.

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